Zaatar, Sumac and Olive Oil

What could be better than Za'atar and Oilve Oil on any given morning for breakfast?  We aren't coming up with much of anything.  Mix the two together and slather over pita or lavash and stick in the oven until bubbling, enjoy a dollop with scrambled eggs or use the mix to marinade oven roasted chicken. 

Our Taita always kept a jar of Sumac on her kitchen counter and sprinkled a bit extra on almost every dish that included Za'atar.  So, we thought we'd offer this combo in gift box. The tanginess and deep color profile of sumac enlivens grilled fish and chicken dishes,  and is just awesome  sprinkled over salads.

Soul Roots Organic Extra Virgin Olive Oil is simply sublime. Its deep, rich, flavor and fantastic fresh nose enriches any dish.  And what makes it even better? Its chalk full of polyphenols which may provide significant protection against the development and progression of many chronic pathological conditions including cancer, diabetes, cardio-vascular problems and aging. 

Za'atar, Sumac and Organic Olive Oil  make a perfect combination ... a  beautiful gift for family of friends. 

This Soul Roots gift box includes:
Soul Roots USDA Organic Single Source Extra Virgin Olive Oil 
Soul Roots Signature Za'atar, 40g tin
Soul Roots Sumac , 40g tin