Bhavi Geewala

A respected international life and meditation coach will guide us through an intense process of self-awareness, self-discovery, meditation and personal growth. Bhavi will unite our group as a community while providing individual guidance and coaching. Utilizing her intuitive gift of guiding  toward achieving inner change, Bahvi will lead you on your own path of inner growth and discovery. You will come out of this experience equipped with effective strategies to face life’s challenges, converting them to personal victories and successes. Over the last 16 years, Bhavi has been on a path of intense personal development and transformational work. She is certified and has experience in facilitation and coaching on the following:

  •       Hoffman Process
  •       Primal Training
  •       Tantra
  •       Healing Adolescent training
  •       Landmark Education 6 month Leadership Training
  •       Coaching on the Self Expression Leadership Programme
  •       Inner Child Facilitation
  •       Meditative Therapies: Mystic Rose 21-day meditation, No Mind
  •       Vipassana
  •       Emotional Freedom Technique
  •       Isha Programmes: Inner Engineering, BSP
  •       Path of Love and Deepening of Love
  •       Essence Training: Super Ego, White & Red essence
  •       Enneagram


Bhavi is also a certified yoga instructor and has been running an African safari business for over 8 years.  Having travelled and lived in many countries Bhavi has a deep understanding of different cultures. With her range of experience and desire to make an impact, Bhavi is passionately committed to supporting others to realize their own unique gifts and explore their full potential.