Organic Olive Oil 1L

Tucked deep in Lebanon’s northern mountains, lies a tiny village called Bechealeh, home to 16 of the world’s oldest olive trees. Blessed with coastal breezes and rich rocky mineral soil, Lebanon provides the perfect climate for these 6000 year old trees to continue to thrive and give fruit. We tried 36 olive oils , all of which were very good, before we settled on the perfect one to bring to you.  We are thrilled to share our ancient Lebanese tradition in this bottle. Meticulously selected olives are pressed to perfection, producing our premium extra virgin olive oil. Carefully extracted to maintain its pure, aromatic, full bodied flavor and natural antioxidants, Soul Roots Extra Virgin Olive Oil is a testament to the wisdom of our Levantine ancestry. Sahtain! To your health! And to Hope!


We are 100% committed to authenticity. We value and celebrate the traditional culinary wisdom of our ancestors and the ingenuity of young farmers, producers and chefs who push the boundaries of this wisdom, while respecting traditional flavor and composition.

We are 100% committed to supporting Levantine farmers, producers and artisans and buy locally whenever possible.

We are 100% committed to the environment. Our products are thoughtfully packaged in recyclable and reusable material. We opt for metal when possible because Metal Recycles Forever and is an appropriate storage vessel for olive oil, shielding it from light.  Store your beautiful bottle away from heat and light.




1L/33.81 FL.OZ


Tin Can. Metal Recycles Forever.