When it is tomato season, there is nothing quite as delicious and tasty as an heirloom tomato right out of the ground. And the smell of newly harvested tomatoes and freshly cut, crunchy cucumbers from the garden all doused with lemony sumac dressing reminds of my Levantine Abuelita Julie’s family table. Nothing is quite as tantalizing to me than this salad with a dash of sumac and paired with grilled fish or Kafta Kebab Skewers.

3 lebanese cucumbers
3 medium heirloom tomatoes or 6 roma tomatoes 3 spring onion sprigs sliced (optional)
handful chopped fresh mint and parsley leaves
Soul Roots Organic Extra Virgin Olive Oil
Soul Roots Sumac Spice
sea salt to taste

Dice tomatoes and cucumbers. Thinly slice spring onions and herbs. Combine all veggies in a large mixing bowl. Separately juice one juicy lemon. Add a good drizzle of high quality extra virgin olive oil. Dash some sumac and sea salt to taste. Stir the dressing well and pour over the veggies. Enjoy as a fresh side with your choice of main or a quick vegetarian lunch with a side of creamy hummus.